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Torx Media
(888) 867-9633
PO Box 28491
Richmond, VA
Brochure design services, Flash design services, Graphic design services, Illustration services, Logo design services ...

(804) 612-0576
8600 Quioccasin Road, Suite 206
Henrico, VA
Pixelus Web Media Solutions
(804) 358-2548
3102 Condie Street
Richmond, VA
Firm Size
Freelance (1 Employee)

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Koves Technologies
(804) 788-0256
1011 East Main Street
Richmond, VA
Firm Size
Large (31+ Employees)

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(804) 330-7273
3606 Pinebrook Drive
Richmond, VA
Corporate web design services, Small business web design services, Web design services, Web development services, Web maintenance services ...

Black Sparrow, LLC
(571) 230-7235
7109 Staples Mill Road
Richmond, VA
Corporate web design services, Ecommerce web design services, Real estate web design services, Small business web design services, Web design services ...

Richmond Web Design
(804) 937-9228
10115 Christiano Drive
Richmond, VA
Church web design services, Corporate web design services, Flash design services, Multimedia design services, Web maintenance services ...

Design Extensions, LLC
(877) 378-6101
1860 S Cappero Drive, St.
Augustine, FL
Realtime Solutions
(804) 358-9187
804 Westover Road
Richmond, VA
Computer Consultants, Web Sites, Web Site Design, Computer Network Hardware, Computer Programming Instruction

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Rockfish Graphix
(804) 343-3500
2416 Brookwood Rd.
Richmond, VA
Corporate web design services, Real estate web design services, Small business web design services, Web design services, Web maintenance services ...

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How to become a Webmaster

As things are right now, webmasters are people that practice web communication. Usually, they would be generalists with HTML knowledge that can manage all web page operations. They will also have knowledge of programming languages such as php, perl, asp and java.

On big web sites the webmaster will coordinate and oversee the activities of the other people that work on the site. He can either be the owner, or an employee of the owner of the site. At the dawn of the World Wide Web, the webmaster was owner, programmer and designer of his own web page, and everything from production to planning to coding and marketing was at his sole discretion.

You don't really need any formal education to become a successful webmaster, but you won't be taken into consideration if you don't. If you think you've got all that it takes to be a great webmaster, you can't be stopped by anyone - however, you'll probably be the webmaster of your own web page.

If you want to make a career out of it, you'll definitely need some private certification or training programs. These programs are widely available, and can be completed either in classrooms or online, giving you the many skills you'll need in order to become successful. Specializing in a language or design technique is a good way to get started. Perhaps a class in HTML, Dreamweaver or Photoshop. Other than that, a College Degree in Information Technology will definitely help.

You can also take two-year technical training programs that take a formal approach to education, with classes all day long and guaranteeing a certain level of quality. Just be sure to check out the list of things you'll learn, to see if it really is what you're interested in. You won't get into such a program without some sort of entrance qualification. Usually, if you've got good grades in high school, or some other related work experience you'll get a place without too much difficulty.

What does a Webmaster do?

As a webmaster, you'll be in charge of all the aspects of your website. You won't be specialized in one area of the website, but rather oversee what's done and to be done on all the different sections. For instance, you'll be responsible for the maintenance of the website. Not only should you have a good grasp of HTML, but you'll have to have good understanding on how it interacts with all the other elements, such as web browsers, applications and so on.

Besides that, you'll have to spend some time developing projects. You could be doing all coding or just part coding for your website, so you'll have to have a basic understanding of C++ programming, perl or other scripting languages.

You will also have to come up with ideas for new pages or applications, developing them from scratch or with the help of a team.

Your webpage depends on your servers, so you might want to do some server maintenance from time to time, to make sure everything is up and running as it ...

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