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Staffing Alternatives
(908) 859-5090
827 3rd Ave
Phillipsburg, NJ

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ERG Staffing Service
(610) 253-9700
158 South Third Street
Easton, PA

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Als Group
(908) 995-9500
104 Mount Joy Rd
Milford, NJ

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Stafford Solutions
(610) 253-1432
PO Box 20903
Lehigh Valley, PA

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Enterprise Iron
(888) 242-4682
53 Walmart Plaza
Clinton, NJ

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Russoli Temporary Services
(610) 253-3001
158-60 S 3 St
Easton, PA

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Allied Personnel Services
(610) 253-9779
91 Larry Holmes Dr
Easton, PA

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ALS Group
(908) 995-9500
104 Mount Joy Rd
Milford, NJ

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Quoits Direct Staffing
(610) 746-9800
224 Nazareth Pke
Nazareth, PA

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Temp Poole Inc
(610) 954-7701
1530 Valley Center Parkway
Bethlehem, PA

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Real Estate Agent / Realtor

How to become a Real Estate Agent

A prospective real estate agent needs to be at least a high school graduate that is 18 years old. If the student is able to take classes specific to the real estate industry, it would be extremely beneficial to them. It would also be advantageous to take any business classes that might be available, such as marketing or general administration.

Today, it is becoming more common for real estate agents to have a college degree. This is because the complexity in the real estate market has increased over the years. This includes more complex laws, relating to real estate transactions, so taking courses in law specific to real estate will help to give the real estate agent candidate an edge.

There are numerous colleges and universities that offer real estate degrees. Some schools may even offer a graduate degree to potential real estate agents that would be particularly useful if the candidate was considering opening their own practice. During the course of study, the prospective real estate agent will want to take courses relating directly to real estate as well as math, economics, marketing, finance, and law.

On top of education, a real estate agent will need to obtain a license in order to practice. Every state will have its own specific requirements for a prospective real estate agent before taking the written exam. This can include a certain number of classroom hours relating to real estate. The examination will have questions, relating to real estate sales, laws, and similar material.

Depending on the state where the person may practice, the license will need to be renewed annually or, in some cases, every other year. It is more than likely that you will not have to retake the original licensing exam.

What does a Real Estate Agent do?

Real estate transactions are complex events. Because of that, people looking to buy a home or investment property usually request the help of a real estate agent to help them through the process. It will be up to the real estate agent to use their knowledge of the real estate market to assist potential buyers in securing the property that they desire.

A prospective buyer may come to a real estate agent with specific requirements for a house. This could include size and a budget. The real estate agent will then find the best area and properties on the market that meet the buyer's requirements. Together, the real estate agent and potential buyer will visit the properties until the right one is located.

People looking to sell their homes will also seek out a real estate agent. They can help to market the property by listing it in a general real estate directory of homes for sale. A real estate agent can also assist by drawing up a contract and negotiating the terms of a sale with a potential buyer.

A real estate agent will also make sure that all things related to the sale of a home are handled appropriately. This can include a title search to make su...

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