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Public Relations Staffing Agencies Elkridge MD

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Global Careers Inc.
(443) 755-1514
7131 Maiden Point Place
Elkridge, MD

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(443) 418-4740
6777 Old Waterloo Rd
Elkridge, MD

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Williams Information Network
(410) 799-0896
8182 Lark Brown Rd 202
Elkridge, MD

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Allegis Group Inc.
(410) 579-3000
7301 Parkway Dr
Hanover, MD
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temporary, long-term, temporary/part time, part time, managed services

TEK Systems
(888) 518-0076
7437 Race Rd
Hanover, MD

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Priority One Staffing Services
(410) 796-7400
6810 Deerpath Road
Elkridge, MD

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Allines Placement Firm
(410) 796-1000
6510 Washington Blvd.
Elkridge, MD

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Sterling Search
(301) 641-5849
10015 Old Columbia Rd
Elkridge, MD

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Allegis Group
(520) 323-2559
7301 Parkway Dr.
Hanover, MD

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(909) 823-6210
7437 Race Rd.
Hanover, MD

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Public Relations Specialist

How to become a Public Relations Specialist

The field of public relations is varied in terms of what degree is needed to obtain a job. Most entry-level positions require a Bachelor's degree in public relations, communications, journalism, English, or advertising. However, sometimes a field is considered to be technical. Such industries include the healthcare and technology fields. These employers may require public relations employees to have a degree in the respective field or at the very least, to have experience.

Many universities will require that students participate in an internship program. If this is not a requirement, it is beneficial when looking for employment. Other things that may be beneficial when applying for jobs would be to join the Public Relations Student Society of America or the International Association of Business Communicators. Not only does this look good on one's resume, it provides opportunities for networking. When attending job interviews, it is imperative to have a portfolio of writing samples. Samples should include press releases, brochures, speeches, and articles for both print and web.

Accreditation is available through the Universal Accreditation Board. Those who are accredited must undergo an examination that includes a readiness review and an exam. Accreditation is available for those who have worked at least five years in a full-time position, has taught public relations, or has a Bachelor's degree in communications. Accreditation is not required for some jobs, but will prove beneficial for those who choose to do it.

What does a Public Relations Specialist do?

Much of a company's public "face" is the responsibility of the public relations department. One of the responsibilities of a public relations specialist is to promote the organization to the respective target audience. In addition to promoting the organization, the public relations specialist should also build a relationship with the targeted audience.

Specifically, public relations specialists will handle media, community, consumer, government, and industry events. These can include such things as fundraisers, trade shows, and legislative meetings. Of course, public relations specialists can also come to the rescue of an organization. This means that if an organization ends up in trouble it is the job of the public relations specialist to help the organization solve the problem as well as improve the damaged public image.

On a more daily basis, public relations specialists write press releases and promote these to the media. In addition to writing press releases, brochures, speeches, and articles may also be written.

Within the government, public relations specialists may also be known press secretaries, information officers, or public affairs specialists. The primary function of those in these roles is to keep the public informed of the activities of the respective government official.

What skills or qualities do I nee...

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