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Operations Manager Jobs Englewood CO

Local resource for operations manager jobs in Englewood. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to operations manager schools, operations manager education, operations managers, staffing agencies, and operations managers, as well as advice and content on operations manager jobs and how to become a operations manager.

(303) 703-3601
19 East Powers
Littleton, CO

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Phoenix Vision Staffing
(720) 940-5153
9146 E Lehigh Ave
Denver, CO
Type of Service
temporary, long-term, temporary/part time, part time

Rolinc Staffing
(303) 781-0055
333 West Hampden Ave
Englewood, CO
Main Industries / Positions
Insurance, Admin & Clerical, Legal

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Best Care, Inc
(303) 765-2515
888 W. Ithaca Ave
Englewood, CO
Main Industries / Positions
Healthcare, Marketing, Sales

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Resumes on Line ( Bidwell And Associates)
(303) 781-0055
333 W Hampden Ave
Englewood, CO

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RCG Information Technology
(970) 390-3200
1200 17 St
Denver, CO

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Blue Consulting, Inc.
(616) 928-0887
Ambady valanjavazhy
Colorado Springs, AL

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Recruit For Less
(303) 488-3331
4610 S Ulster St
Denver, CO

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Medical Personnel Resources
(303) 762-0806
333 W Hampden Ave #915
Englewood, CO

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(720) 493-5687
4182 South Rosemary Way
Denver, CO

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Operations Manager

How to become an Operations Manager

After graduating high school with courses including accounting, business management and law, formal training to become an operations manager would take place at a college or university.

There are opportunities to obtain a certificate or a bachelor's degree in operations management. Courses in operations management could also be taken as part of a larger educational goal such as a business degree. Four years of university is required to obtain a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

Although there are no formal educational standards to become an operations manager, those with a degree will be given higher preference for a job at a greater rate of pay. Proven management skills are essential to succeed in today's fast moving business world.

What does an Operations Manager do?

An operations manager oversees the operations of a business which could range from a small company to a large company with offices worldwide. The operations manager ensures that everything within the company runs smoothly with the ultimate goal of efficiency and profitability for the company.

This can involve coordinating the operations of an organization, looking for inefficiencies within departments, forecasting future demands for products, and recommending locations for new plants or facilities locally or worldwide.

Operations managers hold regular meetings with all company departments, from manufacturing to sales and marketing, to benchmark and measure performance. It is essential that a company runs smoothly to ensure its success. Operations managers also oversee departments like quality assurance, inventory control, employee health and safety and is responsible for any ecological concerns that a business may have.

Operations managers are also responsible for understanding customer needs, delegating work when necessary, tracking and measuring staff performance, all while motivating company employees through pride and a positive learning environment.

It is estimated that about 50 percent of the job would be spent hands-on in day to day operations of the business while the remainder would be in an office setting. There may be a requirement for overtime on occasion as well as a requirement for travel which may involve weeks or months at a time.

Opportunities for an operations manager exist in a wide variety of industries from retail management of a store to managing an organization in healthcare or the energy sector. Advancement within a company to a senior management position is a common and lucrative goal for many operations managers.

What skills or qualities do I need to become an Operations Manager?

Skills required to be a successful operations manager include being a problem solver, a quick thinker, along with multi-tasking and time management abilities. Leadership is a quality that any operations manager must possess which goes hand in hand with being able to motivate and m...

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