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MRI Technician Jobs Beaumont TX

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National Association Of Letter Carriers
(409) 899-9485
2566 Interstate 10 E Ste 14
Beaumont, TX
Communications Workers Of America Local 6139
(409) 833-6139
1125 S 7th St
Beaumont, TX
Longshoreman'S Local 1316
(409) 835-6873
590 Royal St
Beaumont, TX
International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers Local 2286
(409) 838-3448
1430 Spindletop Rd
Beaumont, TX
All Points Environmental Llc
(409) 842-4094
1245 W Cardinal Drive
Beaumont, TX
Longshoreman'S Local 21 Ila
(409) 835-2265
1915 Pennsylvania St
Beaumont, TX
National Alliance Of Public Employees
(409) 833-6273
700 North St
Beaumont, TX
(409) 454-0159
43 Office Park Dr.
Beaumont, TX
American Postal Workers Union
(409) 842-6741
4380 Fannett Rd
Beaumont, TX
Electrical Workers-Local Union No 479
(409) 833-8252
1430 Spindletop Rd
Beaumont, TX

MRI Technician

How to become an MRI Technician

If you are interested in becoming an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) technician (also sometime called an MRI technologist or simply an MRI tech), a good way to start is by focusing on math and science in school. Specific classes to take include anatomy, microbiology, physics, and chemistry. It is also a good idea to familiarize yourself with basic medical terminology.

Once you have completed high school (which is a must) two year associates degree programs in Radiologic Technology are readily available at local vocational schools and community colleges. Please note; ensure that any program you complete is from a school that is properly accredited. A list of accredited programs can be obtained from The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT) which can be found here:

After obtaining your degree, obtaining a one year MRI Technology certificate is recommended as well. This will provide you with additional technical expertise and allow you to focus specifically on MRI technology.

What does an MRI Technician do?

MRI technicians, use a magnetic resonance imaging (an MRI machine) to get an internal look at both hard and soft tissues within a human body. The machine makes use of giant magnets and radio waves (as opposed to x-ray machines that use radiation) to generate internal images of these tissues. Part of an MRI technician's job is to ensure the patient is properly positioned for the images to be taken.

It is also an MRI technician's job to ensure the images are taken correctly to interpret the images and write a report for the doctor that requested the test. Additionally, the MRI technician is responsible for ensuring the machinery is working properly by performing maintenance tests.

What skills or qualities do I need to become an MRI Technician?

As mentioned previously, a high school diploma or equivalent is a must and a minimum of a two year college degree is usually required by most employers. There are other educational programs available as well that range from one year certificates to bachelor's and graduate degrees.

It is helpful for MRI technicians to be caring and compassionate people. Often they are working with patients who may be frightened or nervous. Sometimes the MRI machine itself can be a source of stress to the patient as there tight quarters can sometimes cause people to become claustrophobic. Because of these factors, it is very helpful for MRI technicians to be patient (no pun intended) and exhibit strong interpersonal skills.

How much does an MRI Technician make?

The median annual salary for an MRI technician is $60,471 while the middle 50% makes between $55,912 and $64,900. An MRI technician's salary can vary depending on different factors such as years experience in the job, the type and size of the employer, and the geographic area where the MRI technician works.

In addition to their base salary, most...

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