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Loan Officer Jobs Annandale VA

Local resource for loan officer jobs in Annandale. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to loan officer staffing agencies, loan officer schools, loan officer education, loan officer degree programs, and loan officers, as well as advice and content on loan officer job applications and financial careers.

Premier Personnel
(703) 556-8722
7700 Leesburg Pike Suite 318
Falls Church, VA
Main Industries / Positions
Admin & Clerical, Legal, Finance

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iPlace USA
(310) 691-8537
8300 Boone Blvd
Vienna, VA
Main Industries / Positions
Information Technology, Finance, Healthcare

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(703) 774-3126
11921 Freedom Dr.
Reston, VA
Main Industries / Positions
Information Technology, Finance, Other

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Amko Software Solutions
(703) 880-4769
2465 Centreville Road
Herndon, VA
Main Industries / Positions
Information Technology, Finance, Other

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Ohm Logics, Inc
(703) 234-5535
13800 Coppermine Rd
Herndon , VA
Main Industries / Positions
Information Technology, Finance, Engineering

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Navy Federal Credit Union
(703) 206-3453
820 Follin Lane
Vienna, VA
Main Industries / Positions
Finance, Executive, Marketing

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Acsys, Inc.
(202) 463-7210
1850 M Street NW
Washington, DC
Main Industries / Positions
Finance, Information Technology, Executive

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Millennium International Consulting, Inc
(202) 587-5705
1425 K Street NW
Washington, DC
Main Industries / Positions
Information Technology, Internet & New Media, Finance

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National Associates Incorporated (NAI Personnel)
(202) 223-7606
1130 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC
Main Industries / Positions
Admin & Clerical, Finance, Legal

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Executive Level International
(301) 320-3080
4938 Hampton Ln
Bethesda, MD
Main Industries / Positions
Internet & New Media, Information Technology, Finance

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Loan Officer

How to become a Loan Officer

A loan officer generally works for a bank or other financial institution as an intermediary between clients who want to borrow money and the lending institutions. Most entry level positions as a loan officer require an applicant to hold a minimum of a bachelor's degree in finance, economics, or a related field. Sales experience is also a valuable plus. Loan officers without a bachelor's degree have usually worked their way up to the position from lower level positions within the company such as bank teller or entry level customer service representative.
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  • Associate of Arts in Financial Services
  • Bachelor of Science in Business - Finance
  • Bachelor of Science in Business - Accounting
  • Master of Business Administration - Accounting
  • Master of Science in Accountancy
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    What does a Loan Officer do?

    Loan officers broker a variety of different loans. Personal secured and unsecured loans, collateral loans (such as auto or boat loans), and home loans such as mortgages and home equities are a few. They also facilitate business loans and lines of credit for commercial clients.

    It is the loan officer's job to solicit loan applications from potential borrowers and help them apply for the loans needed. During the application process, a loan officer will collect data about the person, people, or business applying for the loan to help determine their credit worthiness and the probability of them repaying the loan. Often times, potential borrowers may not be familiar with the application or borrowing process. The loan officer will guide the borrower through the process to ensure a smooth and comfortable process for the applicant.

    Loan officers sometimes also assist potential borrowers who may not qualify for a traditional loan by exploring non-traditional avenues and special borrowing programs. A good loan officer will match the client with the best available product to meet their needs while still maintaining the financial institution's well being.

    Sometimes loan officers specialize in a particular aspect of the loan process. Some loan officers are called "underwriters." These officers are experts in risk assessment and usually help determine whether a loan can be granted and if so on what terms (i.e. interest rate, amount, length of the loan, etc.).

    Other loan officers, sometimes called "loan collection officers," work with existing borrowers that may be behind in their repayment obligations to assist the borrower in finding a way to avoid defaulting on their loan. If an acceptable repayment plan cannot be negotiated or is not followed, the loan collection officer may then initiate "collateral liquidation" which involves foreclosure or repossession of a home, car or other item used as collateral for a secured loan.

    What skills or qualities do I need to become a Loan Officer?

    Loan officers generally act as salespeople. For this reason, good interper...

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