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Interior Designer Jobs Evergreen CO

Local resource for interior designer jobs in Evergreen. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to interior designer staffing agencies, interior designer schools, interior designer education, interior designer degree programs, and interior designers, as well as advice and content on resume services.

Knowledge-Search International
(914) 686-5800
5390 Three Sisters Cir., Ste. 10
Evergreen, CO

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Wow Employment
(303) 674-5504
26189 Hwy 74
Kittredge, CO

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Technology Alliance Partners, LLC
(303) 748-1034
PO BOX 1541
Conifer, CO

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TalenTrust, LLC
(303) 838-3334
11154 Thomas Dr
Conifer, CO
Type of Service
long-term, part time

Icon Consulting Inc.
(303) 816-0458
11591 Penny Rd
Connifer, CO

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Native American Ventures
6938 S Willa Ln
Evergreen, CO

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(940) 329-4567
123 Main St.
Jonesville, CO

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Icon Consulting
(303) 816-0458
11591 Penny Rd
Conifer, CO

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Growth Solutions
(303) 838-0808
9710 S Warhawk Rd.
Conifer, CO

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(303) 810-7679
2801 Youngfield St
Golden, CO

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Interior Designer / Interior Decorator

How to become an Interior Designer or Interior Decorator

One might think that becoming an interior designer / interior decorator is no more difficult than knowing where to place a few throw pillows. This is a misconception. Interior designers / interior decorators can be responsible for everything from helping to design the inside or even the outside of a particular space, including placement of windows, stairs and doors, along with other structural elements. Some may be called upon to decorate large commercial spaces such as banks, hotels, airports, theaters, and restaurants. Others focus primarily on residential locations and often specialize in designing specific rooms, such as living rooms, kitchens or bedrooms. There are some that also focus on specific elements such as indoor water features, elaborate fireplaces, or specific themes such as Asian or Gothic.

While postsecondary education is not required to become an interior designer / interior decorator, it is advisable to have a degree of some sort, whether it's from a traditional college or university or from an art or design school. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design accredits nearly 250 schools with a focus on various disciplines.

An art background definitely helps to promote the skills of the Interior designer / interior decorator, particularly when it comes to creating sketches or making presentations to clients.

There is no national certification for interior designers / interior decorators, although there are currently 23 states that issue but do not require certification.

Most importantly, an interior designer / interior decorator must have a solid sense of style, color, texture, furniture, lighting, art, and fabric. Additional knowledge of building materials is also helpful. One who is colorblind would not make a good interior designer / interior decorator.

What does an Interior Designer do?

An interior designer / interior decorator is responsible for creating or renovating a space, employing the use of a series of tools, including the use of lighting, fabric, furniture, color, and texture. Jobs for interior designers / interior decorators may widely vary from residential home specialists to commercial designers to in-house or in-store consultants. Interior designers / interior decorators must be able to conceptualize and implement many different themes or ideas into a particular space, whether or not those images agreed with the designers own concepts.

What skills or qualities do I need to become an Interior Designer?

In order to become an interior designer / interior decorator, one must have a variety of skills that often include proficiency in choosing styles, colors, fabrics, textures, and have knowledge of lighting, art, and structural elements including a variety of architectural details from trim and molding to load bearing beams and walls. Interior designers / interior decorators are required to work along...

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