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Human Resource Assistant Jobs Huntington IN

Local resource for human resource assistant jobs in Huntington. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to human resource assistant staffing agencies, human resource assistant schools, human resource assistant education, and human resource assistant degree programs, as well as advice and content on searching for a human resources job.

Pro Resources
(219) 356-6264
9 Parkmoor Dr
Huntington, IN

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Douglas Pett
(260) 436-0373
4328 Whalers Cv
Fort Wayne, IN

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Renhill Group
(260) 436-9237
4105 W Jefferson Blvd
Fort Wayne, IN

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(219) 459-1000
3946 W Jefferson Blvd
Fort Wayne, IN

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Temporary Management Solutions
(219) 436-7777
1502 Magnavox Way
Fort Wayne, IN

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(260) 356-7109
1314 Flaxmill Rd
Huntington, IN

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HR America
(215) 568-8363
1833 Magnavox Way
Fort Wayne, IN

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Medical Consulting & Education
(260) 459-9071
4546 W Jefferson Blvd
Fort Wayne, IN

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(260) 436-6330
6209 Constitution Dr
Fort Wayne, IN

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Staffing Resources
(260) 563-7771
26 W Market St
Wabash, IN

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Human Resource Assistant

How to become a Human Resource Assistant

Most training for human resource assistants is done on the job. Duties vary among companies and it is important for assistants to adapt to the specific needs of their office. A high school diploma or equivalency is generally preferred by employers and often, HR assistants have no formal training in the field. A basic knowledge of computer programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel are advantageous to those looking to work as HR assistants, as well as a familiarity of filing and organizational systems. Vocational programs targeted to general office careers can also prepare one for the position.

What does a Human Resource Assistant do?

Human resource assistants are at the heart of the human resources department of any office. The seemingly small tasks they perform on a daily basis keep the productivity and integrity of their organization strong. HR assistants support employees at all levels of their institution to fully utilize the resources and compensation available to them.

Human resource assistants (HR assistants) have many clerical duties and information responsibilities within an office environment. The assistant is an important part of the human resources department and keeps track of employee records and files. The HR assistant makes sure that changes in job title, salaries, benefits, etc. are properly filed and may provide authorized information to credit bureaus or finance companies when requested.

The HR assistant may answer questions for employees regarding policies, benefits, and wages. Assistants are also responsible for providing and updating forms involved in changes to these subjects. The HR assistant may also track employee performance and report to managers and HR directors to help with promotion and reward decisions.

In some companies, HR assistants are involved in the hiring procedure. They are sometimes responsible for locating vacancies within the company and tracking employees who may be eligible for promotion. HR assistants may also recruit outside the company for new employees, often by searching online resumes. Assistants screen resumes, check references, administer aptitude tests, and inform applicants of acceptance or rejection for employment. The HR assistant might also work with new employees in training and development.

As a part of the human resources department, the HR assistant contributes to maintenance of a high-quality, productive work environment. The assistant may work with employees to resolve conflicts or boost morale.

In some companies, HR assistants answer phones and emails along with performing other common office related tasks. They often spend a great deal of time on computers and work in an office or cubicle. HR assistants generally work a standard 35 or 40 hour work week during normal business hours.

What skills or qualities do I need to become a Human Resource Assistant?

Strong computer skills are vital to hu...

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