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Local resource for housekeeper jobs in Eagle. Includes detailed information on local businesses that give access to housekeeper staffing agencies and housekeepers, as well as advice and content on searching for a housekeeper job.

Manpower Professional
(208) 377-2599
12592 W Explorer Drive, Ste 100
Boise, ID
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IOF Foresters
(800) 473-3537
545 N Benjamin Ln
Boise, ID

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Northwest Staffing
(479) 751-1922
8620 W Emerald St
Boise, ID

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PROPEOPLE Staffing Services
(615) 444-2777
10148 W Emerald SUITE 100
Boise, ID

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American Staffing
(208) 323-9406
10480 Garverdale Ct #804
Boise, ID

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A.E.S. Inc., An Employment Source
(208) 887-7740
PO Box 567
Meridian, ID
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temporary, long-term, temporary/part time, payroll

Northwest Staffing Resources
(208) 321-2700
8620 Emerald St
Boise, ID

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ProPeople Staffing Service
(208) 345-5747
10148 W Emerald St Ste 100
Boise, ID
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(208) 373-7878
8601 Emerald
Boise, ID

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ProPeople Staffing Services
(781) 647-0559
10148 W Emerald St
Boise, ID

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How to become a Housekeeper?

Nearly all building cleaning workers, with the exception of supervisors, have a high school degree or a lesser educational qualification and for the most part learn their skills with on the job training. There are a few who will attend some informal training sessions organized by their employers. Supervisors usually have at least a high school diploma and often some college qualification.

There really is no special education required for most entry-level janitorial or cleaning jobs. Workers should be good at following instructions and have the ability to learn quickly. Usually a new cleaning person will spend some time working with an experienced cleaner. They do the routine cleaning and learn the tricks of the trade and gain experience as they go. With more experience they are usually assigned the more complicated tasks.

There are some cities where training programs are run by unions, government agencies or employers to teach janitorial skills. The students will learn how to clean buildings thoroughly and efficiently. They will be taught how to select and safely use various cleaning agents and how to operate and maintain machines such as wet and dry vacuums, buffers and polishers. Another important lesson involves the planning of their work and the need to carefully follow safety and health regulations. In a few cases there is also instruction in minor electrical, plumbing and other repairs.

What does a Housekeeper do?

A broader scope of this occupation includes window washers, maids, janitors, housekeeping cleaners and rug shampooers. They are hired to keep office buildings, hospitals, apartment houses, stores, hotels and residential homes clean and in a sanitary condition. There are some who only do routine cleaning while others have a much wider range of duties.

Maids or housekeepers may be required to perform a combination of many lighter cleaning jobs to keep a private household or commercial establishment such as hotels, hospitals and restaurants clean and orderly. For example a housekeeper in a hotel may be required to not only clean but to deliver other items such as ironing boards, cribs or more towels to a guest's room. While in a hospital, housekeeping personnel may be required to clean bed frames, make beds and disinfect cleaning implements. Other businesses may have requirements that include the use of electric floor polishing machines or special cleaning solutions.

There are many things that have made many tasks easier and less time consuming such as improved chemical cleaners and power equipment. However, workers are required to learn the proper use of their equipment and chemical cleaners to avoid causing harm to floors, fixtures, the occupants of the building and indeed themselves. They must also learn to sanitize equipment and supplies with germicides.

Those who work as housekeepers or servants in private households usually dust and polish furniture, sweep, mop...

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