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Swarthmore College
(610) 328-8000
Office of Admissions
Swarthmore, PA
Tuition Costs : $36154
School Information
Type of Institution : Four-Year college
Institutional Designation : Private—Nonprofit

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University of the Arts
(215) 717-6000
320 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA
Tuition Costs : $29500
School Information
Type of Institution : Comprehensive higher education system
Institutional Designation : Private—Nonprofit

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Cheyney University of Pennsylvania
(610) 399-2000
1837 University Circle
Cheyney, PA
Full-Time In-State Tuition Costs : $5358
Full-Time Non-Resident Tuition Costs : $13396
School Information
Type of Institution : Comprehensive higher education system
Institutional Designation : Public—State

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How to become an Artist

Art is a very broad terms, and there are as many types of artists as there are forms of art. To become an artist, a person can take one of many paths. One common path is to study art in a bachelor's degree program, at a college or university. In these programs, an art student usually studies other subjects as well as art: core subjects such as English and basic science courses are usually needed for a general education requirement. However, the bulk of the courses taken will relate to art.

Another path to becoming an artist is to attend an independent college of art. These art and design colleges tend to focus more on studio art work than do four-year universities, often attracting more serious and single-minded art students. Computer studies are now a big part of art programs, as more and more artists are using computer software to help them in their art.

Since there are so many different types of visual art, art students tend to specialize in one particular medium or purpose, such as painting in oils, sculpture, computer graphics, or medical illustration. Masters degrees in fine art (MFAs) are also available for those who want more study and training in a particular subfield of the visual arts.

What does an Artist do?

Visual artists use the visual arts to attempt to express feelings, thoughts, concepts, or ideas, or to create a desired atmosphere or environment. Many different media are used in the visual arts including paints (oil, acrylic, and watercolors), pen and ink, colored pencils, etching, clay, stone, charcoal, computers, and pastels. Artists may use only one medium or may combine media for a "mixed media" or "multimedia" work.

Some artists produce very realistic work while others prefer to use an impressionistic style or even abstract (non-representational) art to express themselves. Artists may use their art to further a commercial idea or product, such as in advertising, or the art itself may be the end goal of an artist, as with fine art.

The bottom line is that artists produce art of many different types, whether it is to sell, to display, to advertise, or just to express their thoughts and feelings.

What skills or qualities do I need to become an Artist?

Artists must obviously have artistic talent, probably the most important quality for aspiring artists. Besides skill and talent, artists must be self-motivated, especially those who are self-employed and freelancing. Artists who struggle with motivation will find it very difficult to produce any art. Having some sense of how to market their art and themselves as artists is also very important, as artists must find an audience that is receptive to their work. Artists who are not self-employed must be prepared to produce art on demand, as necessary.

What is the average salary of a professional Artist?

The earnings of artists are extremely variable, depending upon if an artist is employed, working as a freelancer, wo...

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