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LMS Staffing
(856) 321-0909
800 N Kings Highway
Cherry Hill, NJ
Main Industries / Positions
Healthcare, Legal, Admin & Clerical

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Express Employment Professionals of South Jersey
(856) 985-8600
2001 Lincoln Drive West
Marlton, NJ
Main Industries / Positions
Light Industrial, Admin & Clerical, Finance

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Heads Up Staffing
(856) 969-9675
112 North 3rd St
Camden, NJ
Main Industries / Positions
Light Industrial, Admin & Clerical, Human Resources

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Bear Staffing Services
(856) 486-1600
47 S Broad St
Woodbury, NJ
Main Industries / Positions
office clerical, industrial, technical
Type of Service
temporary, temporary/part time, part time

Trinity Staffing Services, Inc
(215) 218-9300
2340 S Broad St Ste 1
Philadelphia, PA
Type of Service
temporary, temporary/part time, payroll

Advanced Staffing
(856) 873-1100
1800 Chapel Ave W # 303
Cherry Hill, NJ
Main Industries / Positions
Admin & Clerical, Finance, Sales

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(856) 380-4389
501 Fellowship Road
Mount Laurel, NJ
Main Industries / Positions
Human Resources, Admin & Clerical, Finance

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On Time Staffing, LLC
(856) 663-6992
2 Aquarium Dr Ste 150
Camden, NJ
Type of Service
temporary, long-term, temporary/part time

CoreStaff, Incorporated
(800) 564-1755
1420 Walnut St Ste 716
Philadelphia, PA
Type of Service
temporary, long-term, temporary/part time, payroll

(215) 564-0700
42 S 15th St Ste 1210
Philadelphia, PA
Type of Service
temporary, temporary/part time, part time, managed services, payroll

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File Clerk

How to become a File Clerk

Most employers prefer to hire file clerks with a high school diploma or GED equivalency. Related experience is beneficial for individuals applying for file clerk positions. Most new file clerks receive on the job training from more experienced employees who know the ins and outs of the record keeping system of the company. Often file clerks can advance to more senior clerical office positions such as bookkeeping clerk or receptionist.

What does a File Clerk do?

As the amount of information generated by companies continues to grow, file clerks are becoming increasingly indispensable. File clerks classify, store, retrieve, and update information. Individuals in this job examine incoming material and code it for efficient storage and retrievability. Paper documentation is stored in files, but much of the information generated is now electronic and therefore stored electronically. A growing number of file clerks scan paper files so that they too may be stored electronically. File clerks maintain the usefulness of records by keeping them up to date. New information is input in a timely manner and out of date information is removed from the system. If records are misplaced, file clerks are generally responsible for finding them. If a company decides to change its record keeping system, file clerks implement the change. When files are requested, it is the job of a file clerk to locate the information.

What skills or qualities do I need to become a File Clerk?

Since the nature of the work of file clerks involves helping others, file clerks must be able to work well with others. They must be able to stay focused, alert, and attentive while performing repetitive tasks. File clerks should be detail oriented. Computer skills are becoming increasingly necessary in this field as more and more companies are relying on electronic storage of documents.

How much do File Clerks make?

In 2007 the median annual earnings for file clerks in the United States were $23,010. The middle fifty percent earned between $18,680 and $28,850 per year. Those in local government tend to earn the most compared to those employed in other settings; those employed in physician's offices tend to earn the least.
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Who are some influential professionals in this field?

Teresa E. McCaslin is the Chair of the Board of Trustees for the American Management Association and the Executive Vice President of HR and Information Systems for ContiGroup Companies, Inc (formerly the Continental Grain Company). She was elected to her position at the AMA in 2004 but has served on its board since 1997 and been active on several committees and councils. In her position at the ContiGroup Companies, McCaslin heads worldwide human resources, labor relations, information technology, public affairs, and corporate aircraft operations, in addition to serving on the co...

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