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Editing Jobs Belmar NJ

Local resource for editing jobs in Belmar. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to publishers, editing courses, editor job listings, and literature degree programs, as well as advice and content on how to become an editor.

Execuseek International, LLC
(732) 292-0101
PO Box 1668
Wall St, NJ

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Sage Staffing Professionals
(732) 974-9600
1924 Route 35
Wall Township, NJ

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Acquis Associates
(732) 280-1596
400 4 Ave
Belmar, NJ

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(888) 722-5283
125 Half Mile Road
Bradley Beach, NJ

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Absolute Staffing Solutions, LLC
(732) 807-3141
3455 Route 66
Neptune, NJ
Main Industries / Positions
Legal, Finance, Healthcare

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Epic Medical Staffing
(732) 749-3606
902 Main St Ste 204B
Belmar, NJ
Main Industries / Positions
health care
Type of Service
temporary, temporary/part time, part time

Tal Sharon Enterprises
(732) 974-3211
1014 Wall Road
Spring Lake Heights, NJ

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Corporate Software Solutions
(732) 988-8355
1945 Route 33
Neptune, NJ

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Entech Network Solutions
(732) 751-1060
1355 Campus Parkway
Wall, NJ

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Act Consulting
(732) 223-2511
1 River Rd.
Manasquan, NJ

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How to become an Editor

Most jobs in this field require a degree in journalism, communications, or English. Editors who specialize in a given field (i.e. fashion, sports, law) will be expected to have a background in their chosen field as well. Some people with good writing skills transfer into editorial positions from careers as technicians, scientists, engineers, or other occupations. Other individuals may begin as trainees or research assistants. Beginning editors often research or check the facts in articles. Advancement usually comes more slowly in large firms than in smaller ones, but also follows a more predictable pattern. In order to advance in this career, it is important for individuals to build a reputation of reliability and credibility

What does an Editor do?

Editors review the writing of others to rewrite and edit the work. An editor's responsibilities will vary depending on the type and level of editorial position held and depending on the employer. Some editing positions also include original writing assignments, particularly for newspapers. Typical duties include planning the content of written material, reviewing story ideas to decide which material will be published, reviewing and editing drafts, and overseeing production of publications.

The executive editor, sometimes called the chief executive editor, is the top editor who is responsible for the content of the published work and overseeing the production of that work. He or she sets the standards and motivates people on the writing staff. Those in position are also often responsible for operational planning. Executive editors often have assistants who hold entry level positions. These assistants frequently hold the position of copy editors who check articles for errors in grammar and punctuation and suggest revisions to improve clarity or accuracy. They may also perform research duties or check facts for writers.

What skills or qualities do I need to become an Editor?

Editors must be able to express ideas clearly and logically and should enjoy writing. Having a broad range of knowledge is helpful. Editors should have leadership skills, including tactfulness, in order to guide and encourage the work of others. Editors must be self motivators and able to persevere when working in noisy environments and/or under tight deadlines. Professionals in this field also need good judgment and a sense of ethics to help determine what material should or should not be published. Finally, computer skills are becoming increasingly important as electronic communication is often necessary in this field.

How much does an Editor make?

In 2006 salaried editors had a median earning of $46,990 per year. The middle fifty percent earned between $35,250 and $67,820 per year. There is expected to be an increase in demand for salaried editors with web experience over the coming years due to the increased demand for web based publications with ne...

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