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Dental Career Eagle ID

Local resource for dental careers in Eagle. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to dentists, dentistry degree programs, tooth health specialists, and dentist offices, as well as advice and content on careers in health.

ProPeople Staffing Service
(208) 345-5747
10148 W Emerald St Ste 100
Boise, ID
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(208) 373-7878
8601 Emerald
Boise, ID

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Manpower Professional
(208) 377-2599
12592 W Explorer Drive, Ste 100
Boise, ID
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ProPeople Staffing Services
(781) 647-0559
10148 W Emerald St
Boise, ID

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A.E.S. Inc., An Employment Source
(208) 887-7740
PO Box 567
Meridian, ID
Type of Service
temporary, long-term, temporary/part time, payroll

Northwest Staffing Resources
(208) 321-2700
8620 Emerald St
Boise, ID

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IOF Foresters
(800) 473-3537
545 N Benjamin Ln
Boise, ID

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American Staffing
(208) 323-9406
10480 Garverdale Ct #804
Boise, ID

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Systems West Computer Resources
(208) 336-4272
10599 W Landmark Ct
Boise, ID

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Northwest Staffing
(479) 751-1922
8620 W Emerald St
Boise, ID

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How to become a Dentist

There are currently 56 dental schools accredited by the American Dental Association. All of these schools require a minimum of two years of college level education in a science related field. Most dental school applicants have a bachelor's degree, though a few are accepted after two or three years of college. These students complete their bachelor's degree while attending dental school. Pre-dental students must take science classes.

Competition for dental school is stiff. Applicants are considered on the basis of their Dental Admissions Test score, grade point average, recommendations, and interviews. Dental school usually lasts four years beginning with classroom instruction and lab work in science. During the last two years, students treat patients under the supervision of licensed dentists. Upon graduation, individuals usually receive a degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD). All states require practicing dentists to be licensed. Requirements vary by state, but usually individuals must graduate from an accredited dental school before passing both written and practical examinations. Some dental school graduates work as an associate dentist under an established dentist for two to four years to gain experience and save money to outfit an office of their own. However, most dentists purchase an existing practice or open a new one upon graduation from dental school.

What does a Dentist do?

Dentists diagnose and treat problems with teeth and mouth tissues. They also advise patients on oral care in an attempt to prevent future problems. Most dentists are general practitioners helping patients with a variety of needs from a routine oral exam at a dental cleaning and examining x-rays to removing tooth decay, filling cavities, and coating children's teeth with protective sealant. More extensive dental work done by most dentists includes teeth straightening, repair of broken teeth, corrective surgery on gums and the supporting bones, tooth extraction, and taking measurements and making models for dentures and mouth guards. Dentists will administer anesthetics for many of these procedures and write prescriptions for patients to use at home.

Dentists who are in business for themselves oversee the day to day administrative tasks of running an office. These tasks include bookkeeping, equipment purchases, and hiring and supervising of general office staff and dental hygienists, assistants, and technicians.

What skills or qualities do I need to become a Dentist?

Dentists should have good interpersonal skills for working with patients and colleagues in the office. In addition, dentists must have diagnostic skills including good visual memory with excellent judgment regarding space, size, shape, and color. Those in this field also have good manual dexterity and scientific skills. Successful dentists with their own private practice also have business sense and ...

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