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Data Entry Clerk Jobs Gilbert AZ

Local resource for data entry clerk jobs in Gilbert. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to data entry clerk training, data entry clerk job listings, data entry clerk education, data entry jobs, and data entry clerk vacancies, as well as advice and content on traditional office jobs.

Asap Staffing Managed Resources
(480) 632-1042
2287 E Ranch Rd
Gilbert, AZ

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Minerva Engineering
(480) 545-5425
428 South Gilbert Rd
Gilbert, AZ

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Dentistry Staffing
(901) 763-1028
2688 E Oakland St
Gilbert, AZ

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(480) 633-8822
1520 Warner Road
Gilbert, AZ

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Diverse Link
(619) 698-2644
381 S Palm Ln
Chandler, AZ

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Anderson & Bates
(603) 882-6433
1400 N Gilbert Rd SUITE Unit K
Gilbert, AZ

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Superior Search Consultants
(928) 369-4437
2882 E. Lexington Ct
Gilbert, AZ

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Becker & Assoc
(480) 539-4683
127 S Presidio Dr
Gilbert, AZ

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Horizon Personnel
(480) 279-3597
3346 E. Devonshire Ave
Gilbert, AZ

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west staff
(480) 704-4141
1434 east morelos
chandler, AZ
Main Industries / Positions
Light Industrial, Management

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Data Entry Clerk

How to become a Data Entry Clerk

Data entry clerks are generally hired right out of high school or are individuals returning to the work force after a long hiatus from employment. Individuals applying for jobs as data entry clerks must meet prospective employers' minimum accuracy requirements and minimum keyboarding speed. Experience with word processing is expected as are good spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Familiarity with standard office equipment and procedures is beneficial to those seeking employment in this field. A job as a data entry clerk often serves as a stepping stone to a higher paying job with increased responsibilities, particularly in large companies or government agencies where training programs to aid individuals seeking to increase their skills are common.

What does a Data Entry Clerk do?

Data entry clerks help ensure the smooth and efficient handling of the large amount of information processed by companies today. At the most basic level, this job requires individuals to key information into computers. They may prepare a variety of text materials such as letters, reports, and mailing labels. Some key in lists of information. More experienced data entry clerks are given tasks that require a higher degree of accuracy and independent judgment. Senior level data entry clerks often create and manipulate complex tables, work with highly technical material, combine and rearrange material from different sources, or prepare master copies. Individuals in this field may also operate other office machinery, particularly in smaller offices.

What skills or qualities do I need to become a Data Entry Clerk?

Since the nature of the work of data entry clerks involves helping others, data entry clerks must be able to work well with others. They must be able to stay focused, alert, and attentive while performing repetitive tasks. Data entry clerks should be detail oriented. Computer skills are a must since data entry clerks enter data into a computer. Individuals working as data entry clerks should know themselves and their environment well enough to take breaks or shift positions when necessary in order to avoid repetitive stress injuries.

How much do Data Entry Clerks make?

In 2006 the median annual earnings for all those in data entry jobs were $29,430. The middle fifty percent earned between $24,180 and $35,950 per year. Data entry clerk positions with the best earnings tend to be found in local government.
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Who are some influential professionals in this field?

Teresa E. McCaslin is the Chair of the Board of Trustees for the American Management Association and the Executive Vice President of HR and Information Systems for ContiGroup Companies, Inc (formerly the Continental Grain Company). She was elected to her position at the AMA in 2004 but has served on its board since 1997 and been active on se...

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