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Metro Technology Centers (Culinary Arts Program)
4901 S. Bryant Ave
Oklahoma City, OK
Platt College (Associate Of Science In Culinary Arts)
(405) 749-2433
2727 West Memorial
Oklahoma City, OK
The International Pantry
(405) 360-0765
1618 West Lindsey
Norman, OK
Meridian Technology Center (Culinary Arts)
(405) 377-3333
1312 South Sangre Road
Stillwater, OK
Carl Albert State College (Hotel/Restaurant & Tourism)
(918) 647-1200
1507 S. McKenna
Poteau, OK
Kams Kookery
2834 Guilford Lane
Oklahoma City, OK
Francis Tuttle Technology Center (Culinary Arts )
(405) 717-4900
12777 N. Rockwell Ave
Oklahoma City, OK
Tri-County Technology Center
(918) 331-3200
6101 S.E. Nowata Road
Bartlesville, OK
Northeast Technology Center (Culinary Arts)
(918) 257-8324
19901 S Hwy 69
Afton, OK
Oklahoma State University (Culinary Arts Program)
(918) 293-4678
1801 East 4th
Okmulgee, OK


How can I become a Baker?

Although a high school diploma is not required for entry level baking jobs, but it is appreciated by many employers. Most bakers learn by apprenticeship or on the job training, rather than formal education, although culinary school is a good option for bakers. Vocational training may also be available, depending upon the area and facility.

When bakers are trained, they generally first learn basic safety and sanitation procedures. Then they move on to baking procedures. Internships and apprenticeships are not uncommon for aspiring bakers who can learn on the job from more experienced bakers. Experience is much more important for bakers than education or formal training.

What does a Baker do?

Bakers mix and prepare dough, for bread, rolls, pastries, pies, and other baked goods. These baked goods can be sold in a bakery, restaurant store, or other establishment. A baker's job may vary slightly depending upon their seniority. Head bakers may oversee other bakers, while entry level bakers might prepare a workspace for more senior bakers.

Organization is important for bakers, as baked goods must be made on schedule and in a specific order so that the baker is able to produce the desired amount of baked goods. Bakers must prepare ingredients, mix them, bake them, and often clean up afterwards.

Depending upon the employer, a baker may also be responsible for marketing and selling the baked goods and dealing with the money associated with the sale. As a baker gains seniority, he or she might have the opportunity to oversee other employees or act as a mentor to a junior baker.

Some bakers may specialize in baking bread, for example, or cakes. In certain circumstances, a baker may study to become a pastry chef.

What skills and personal qualities should I have to become a Baker?

Bakers should be mathematically inclined, as they may have to perform many different calculations in recipes. Working as a team is important, as many bakers work alongside other bakers and perform apprenticeships or act as mentors. Speed and accuracy is essential for bakers, as well as skill in chopping, mixing, etc. Sanitation and cleanliness is necessary for bakers, as well as creativity and a good sense of taste and smell.

How much does a Baker make?

The wage and salary rate for bakers varies greatly depending upon seniority, employment location, and specialties. The median earnings of all chefs and cooks in 2008 was $34,370, and bakers' wages could be expected to be similar. Full time bakers can expect to make at least $500 per week. Benefits such as health care and bonuses depend on the employer.
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Who are some notable professionals in the field of Baking?

Erez Komrovsky is a famous Israeli baker who has popularized sourdough bread in Israel, after studying bread making techniques in France and San Francisco. One of his goals is for his br...

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