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Chiropractor Jobs Loveland CO

Local resource for chiropractor jobs in Loveland. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to chiropractic clinics, chiropractor degree programs, chiropractic education, chiropractor offices, and chiropractic associates, as well as advice and content on careers in physical therapy.

PrioriCare Staffing Solutions
(800) 772-1395
10139 N 75th St
Longmont, CO
Main Industries / Positions
health care, professional management
Type of Service
temporary, long-term, temporary/part time, part time

Nursing Connections
(970) 663-1262
1530 Boise Ave
Loveland, CO

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Simple Software Systems
(970) 663-1111
2718 Goldenrod Pl
Loveland, CO

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Employment Solutions
(970) 407-9675
4206 S College Av
Fort Collins, CO

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(970) 266-0600
3665 John F Kennedy Pkwy
Fort Collins, CO

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(970) 669-3770
1135 Lincoln Ave
Loveland, CO

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(970) 669-0559
441 E. 4th St.
Loveland, CO
Main Industries / Positions
Admin & Clerical, Light Industrial, Other

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The Obermeyer Group
(970) 223-9688
P.O. Box 270711
Fort Collins, CO

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Fort Collins Workforce Center
(970) 223-2470
3842 South Mason Street
Fort Collins, CO

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The Employer Source
(970) 223-4744
4812 South College Avenue
Fort Collins, CO

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How to become a Chiropractor

Chiropractors in the United States must graduate from an accredited chiropractic program, completing a total of at least 4,200 hours of clinical and classroom hours. In order to be accepted to a chiropractic program in the United States, applicants must have 90 semester units toward a bachelor's degree, and many in the field predict that a bachelor's degree will soon become the new minimum standard for applicants. Chiropractic students study anatomy, biochemistry, public health, physiology, microbiology, and many other related subjects. Upon graduating, a student is awarded the title of Doctor of Chiropractic, or DC.

Licensing is regulated by state, and chiropractors may only practice in the particular state or states in which they are licensed, unless that state has an agreement with the state where the chiropractor is licensed. Some state licensing boards require a bachelor's degree in addition to a chiropractic degree and most require a minimum number of hours of continuing education before licenses can be renewed. Continuing education classes and seminars are offered by many different chiropractic programs and associations.

What does a Chiropractor do?

Chiropractors are responsible for diagnosing and treating problems in the musculoskeletal system, especially as they are related to the spine. Chiropractors, or doctors of chiropractic, believe that problems in the musculoskeletal system can affect other aspects of a patient's health, especially as regards the nervous system. Chiropractic medicine works on the premise that vertebral subluxations, or vertebrae that are out of alignment, negatively affect the nervous system as well as a person's resistance to disease.

Before diagnosing or treating a patient, chiropractors take a detailed medical history and perform an examination. X-rays may be ordered, and posture analyzed. When the chiropractor has finished diagnosing the patient, he or she begins treatment. Chiropractic treatment traditionally consists of manual manipulation of the spine, although other tools can be used. Working with the idea that the body has the power to heal itself, chiropractors use a variety of alternative medicine techniques to help the body attain its natural equilibrium. Many chiropractors specialize in one area such as sports injuries, pediatrics, nutrition, or neurology.

In addition to their medical job duties, chiropractors are often responsible for running an office, with all the tasks that go along with that. Keeping patient records, hiring and overseeing employees, scheduling appointments and returning phone calls, and developing a client base are all responsibilities that a chiropractor may have.

There is now a group of chiropractors, involved in what is called the Reform school of chiropractic, who do not accept the premise of vertebral subluxations, and only use chiropractic for the treatment of muscular and skeletal problems.

What skills or qualit...

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