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Starlight Houseboats of OK LLC
(918) 224-5727
7835 S 87th West Ave
Tulsa, OK
Starlight Houseboats of Ok Llc

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Sundown Marine
(918) 321-3800
14765 S Casper St
Glenpool, OK
Parts, Service, Aftermarket Accessories, Trailers, Supplies, Storage

Keystone Pier 51 Marina
(918) 865-2197
1926 South Highway 151
Sand Springs, OK
Hula Land & Marine
(918) 745-9834
232 E 46Th St
Tulsa, OK
Parts, Service, Aftermarket Accessories, Trailers, Supplies, Storage

Honda of Tulsa Sports Center
(918) 744-5551
21st & Yale
Tulsa, OK
Xtreme Marine
(918) 447-1049
6800 New Sapulpa Rd
Tulsa, OK
Parts, Service, Aftermarket Accessories, Trailers, Supplies, Storage

Gilbert Marine Sales & Service
(918) 827-6235
Mounds, OK
Parts, Aftermarket Accessories, Supplies, Storage

Solar’bron Point MYC
(812) 401-1615
8222 S. Yale Ave. Apt 303
Tulsa, OK
Lewis Marine
(918) 428-2224
Tulsa, OK
Parts, Service, Aftermarket Accessories, Trailers, Supplies, Storage

Professional Propeller Service
(918) 366-2901
16126 E 161St St S
Bixby, OK
Parts, Aftermarket Accessories, Supplies, Storage

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Boat Mechanic

How can I become a Boat Mechanic?

To become a boat mechanic, formal education is less important than applicable experience and skills. While there is no minimum education required to become a boat mechanic, many employers do prefer that their employees have a high school diploma or its equivalent. Like many mechanics, a boat mechanic is likely to learn the trade in a technical school, on the job, or in an apprenticeship program.

While first starting out as a boat mechanic, the new employee will perform tasks under the supervision of a more experienced mechanic who can instruct and mentor the new mechanic. As a mechanic gains experience and confidence, he or she may move up to supervising other employees.

Boat mechanics, and indeed, all mechanics, often attend courses for continuing education. These courses may be on specific problems or tasks that need to be done, or general refresher courses. Most of the time, these courses are paid for or provided by the mechanic's employer.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Boat Mechanic?

Boat mechanics, like many other small engine mechanics, service, repair, and install power motors and other equipment. If a boat's engine has a problem, a marine mechanic must first diagnose the problem, usually fairly quickly, and determine the course of the repairs needed. While many jobs only require one piece of equipment to be repaired or replaced, other problems require the entire engine to be taken apart and repaired.

A boat mechanic also performs maintenance on the engines of a particular boat. Some parts, such as spark plugs, pistons, valves, and bearings, may need to be replaced on a regular basis as they become worn. Depending upon the mechanic and the boat that he or she is working on, computers may also be used to diagnose problems as well as determine when maintenance should take place.

Many hand tools are used by boat mechanics, such as pliers, screwdrivers, and wrenches. Computerized testing equipment is usually provided by the shop, unless a boat mechanic is self-employed. Many shops and individual mechanics offer service on a regular basis in order to minimize the possibility of a major break-down.

Depending upon the type of boat, a mechanic may perform repairs on the boat or in a shop. For small outboard motors, the boat owner usually removes the motor and brings it into the shop. For larger boats, such as tugboats, yachts, as well as very large boats such as container ships, the mechanic much make the repairs onboard the boat or ship.

What skills are necessary to become a Boat Mechanic

Boat mechanics, just like any other type of mechanic, should have mechanical aptitude and a basic knowledge of electronics. Many skills and qualifications that are good for boat mechanics are highly transferable to fields such as diesel mechanics and auto mechanics. The ability to work with people is also an important one for mechanics, as they frequently need to deal with the public i...

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