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Avila University
(816) 942-8400
11901 Wornall Road
Kansas City, MO
Tuition Costs : $19500
School Information
Type of Institution : Comprehensive higher education system
Institutional Designation : Private—Religious

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University of Missouri - Kansas City
(816) 235-1000
Office of Admissions
Kansas City, MO
Full-Time In-State Tuition Costs : $7368
Full-Time Non-Resident Tuition Costs : $18459
School Information
Type of Institution : University
Institutional Designation : Public—State

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Penn Valley Community College
(816) 604-4000
3201 Southwest Trafficway
Kansas City, MO
Full-Time Area Tuition Costs : $2310
Full-Time In-State Tuition Costs : $4230
Full-Time Non-Resident Tuition Costs : $5700
School Information
Type of Institution : Two-Year college
Institutional Designation : Public—State and Local

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Kansas Humanities Council
(785) 357-0359
112 SW 6th Ave Ste 210
Topeka, KS
Blessed Sacrament Family Center
(913) 321-5280
2215 Parallel Ave
Kansas City, KS
DeVry University - Kansas City, MO
(816) 941-0430
11224 Holmes Street
Kansas City, MO
Tuition Costs : $13810
School Information
Type of Institution : Comprehensive higher education system
Institutional Designation : Private—Proprietary

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Heritage College
(816) 298-0417
1200 E 104th Street
Kansas City, MO

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Kansas Association of American Educators
(913) 764-3566
PO Box 3256
Olathe, KS
Kansas National Education Association
(913) 268-4005
11015 W 75th Ter
Shawnee Mission, KS
League of Kansas Municipalities
(785) 354-9565
300 SW 8th Ave
Topeka, KS
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Computer Programmer

How to become a Computer Programmer

Most positions in computer programming require a bachelor's degree, but some entry level positions may be obtained with an associate's degree or technical certification. Many programmers have degrees in computer science, math, or information systems but others have taken computer programming courses while earning their degree in business or a related area. Computer programmers are expected to be familiar with traditional as well as newer programming languages. Applicants with relevant programming skills and experience will always have an advantage. Beginning programmers are almost always closely supervised. All programmers must continue to update their skills and knowledge because technology changes so quickly.

What does a Computer Programmer do?

Computer programmers write, test, and maintain the instructions computers use to function. They also create and test programs that allow problems to be solved or specific tasks to be carried out via computer. Programmers work closely with computer software engineers who describe how software will work. The job of a programmer is to take that design and use a programming language to turn it into a series of logical steps that can be completed by a computer. A different programming language is used depending on the nature of the program being written. Programmers also repair and update existing programs as necessary. Those in this field often use computer assisted software engineering tools or other applications that automate parts of the coding process. They may also customize existing basic code to meet their current needs.

Simple programs can be written in a few hours, but complex ones can take more than year to create. Once a program is written, a computer programmer must test it by running it. If errors occur or the desired outcome is not reached, the programmer must make changes to the code and re-test the program. Some programs require continual testing and debugging.

What skills or qualities do I need to become a Computer Programmer?

Computer programmers are expected to be able to think logically and be detail oriented. Successful programmers are patient, persistent, exacting, and analytical, even when under pressure. Creative and abstract thinking is also key when designing and testing solutions. Employers also want computer programmers who can effectively communicate their ideas with non-technical personnel.

How much does a Computer Programmer make?

Although computer programmers can expect to be well paid, the demand for programmers is expected to decline. This decline is due to several factors, including consolidation and centralization of systems, increased development of packaged software, the growing ability of users to create their own programs, and outsourcing of programming jobs. In 2006, the median annual income of wage and salaried programmers were $65,510. The middle fifty percent earned an annual in...

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Web Programmer

How to become a Web Programmer

Becoming a Web programmer is no easy task, as one might suspect. A web programmer works closely with a web designer to bring to life pieces of web software, be they applications, games, web pages, online data bases, advertising materials or any other, previously unknown conglomerate of web code.

The first ever webpage was published in 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee who, by doing this became the first ever web programmer (and designer and developer, we might add). As the World Wide Web progressed, so did the field of web programming. Arguably, the early pioneers of web programming came from countries such as Russia, Romania and India, where labor was cheap and talent was easier to find.

In order to be eligible for a web programming position, you'll have to have obtained at least a computer sciences bachelor's degree, but not all employers require that. In order to become a successful web programmer, you'll need lots and lots of coding talent and a thorough knowledge of most programming languages. Any technical university can provide you with the means to study all you need to study, but don't think you'll be able to get far if you don't have the required talent. Even more, you will need to perfectly understand computers, coding, and databases.

Most big software companies offer internships that can further your studies and give you that much needed on site work experience. If you're a student that only has a certificate or an associate's degree, internships are crucial for your career.

As a web programmer, you'll need to keep yourself up-to-date with what's happening in the world of technological advancements, in order to maintain that competitive edge.

What does a Web Programmer do?

A web programmer writes the code that will give end-users and internal clients the product or service they conceptualized and demanded. In plain words, a web programmer is someone who can make web pages interactive or what other people want them to do, when they want them to do it. Normally, the product should be an application that allows a user to do something on the World Wide Web - anything, really, from ordering football tickets to playing games to watching multimedia content.

The Web programmer analyzes the technical details of the project, decides how the project should be approached and then starts writing the necessary code. Since the Internet is ever changing, the web programmer's job is also in a constantly changing and evolving state.

Day by day, a web programmer will modify and improve on existing code, design new code, test the new software products and discuss design requirements with the web designer. No two pieces of code are the same and no two web programmers will approach and get through a project in the same way.

Basically, anything that we can do in real life can be translated for the World Wide Web. That's why a web programmer will often work on diverse projects at the same tim...

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