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Auto Body Repair Jobs Osawatomie KS

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Quality Truck and Tractor
(913) 731-8356
38185 West 323 Road Street 323 St West
Osawatomie, KS
Truck Auto Body,Truck Parts

(913) 256-2357
32835 W 371st St
Osawatomie, KS
Finishing Line Body Shop
(913) 755-4889
32551 W 335th Street
Osawatomie, KS
Auto Body Repair

Extreme Collision and Custom
(913) 755-2500
611 Parker Avenue
Osawatomie, KS
Auto Body Repair,Paintless Dent Repair,Truck Auto Body

Quick Stop
(913) 755-2900
301 Eastgate Dr
Osawatomie, KS
Service Stations,Gas Stations,Convenience Stores

D & K Automotive
(913) 755-3432
535 Brown Ave
Osawatomie, KS
Macek Auto Body
(913) 755-4639
35851 Plum Creek Rd
Osawatomie, KS
Schull''s Home & Auto Supply
(913) 755-4125
517 Main St
Osawatomie, KS
Car Washes, Car Detailing, Tire Shops

Brewers Automotive Repair
(913) 755-3024
817 6th Street
Osawatomie, KS
Mufflers Repair

K and T Auto
(913) 755-3800
1009 6th Street
Osawatomie, KS
Brake Repair

Auto Body Repair

How can I become an Auto Body Repairman?

Entry into the field of auto body repair generally only requires a high school diploma or GED. However, specific training is required to learn how to repair newer vehicles. Many high school and community college vocational programs offer collision repair programs. Most training programs combine classroom instruction with hands on lessons and offer certification after six months or a year of study. Individuals just entering this field will assist experienced repairers on less detailed tasks and learn how to remove small dents and fix other minor issues before progressing to more complex and difficult tasks. It usually takes three to four years of hands on experience to become skilled in the many areas of auto body repair. To keep up with changes in automotive parts, body materials, and electronics, continuing education is necessary throughout a career in auto body repair.

What does an Auto Body Repairman do?

Auto body repairers, also called collision repair technicians, fix dents, straighten crumpled areas, or replace vehicle parts that cannot be repaired. They may work alone or as a specialist on a team of repairers. Every damaged vehicle provides a new challenge, and auto body repairers must decide how to proceed based on their broad knowledge of repair techniques. The first step is always to determine the extent of the damage and order any necessary parts. Repair work to heavily damaged vehicles usually begins with a re-alignment of the frame or unibody. Then, the vehicle's damaged body parts are fixed or replaced using a variety of methods depending on the type and severity of the damage, and the material from which the vehicle is made.

What skills or qualities are needed to become an Auto Body Repairman?

Individuals in the field of auto body repair should enjoy working with their hands and be able to pay attention to details. Working as an auto body repairer requires an aptitude for reading and basic computer and math skills. Automobile body repair work necessitates reading and following instructions from technical manuals and diagrams as well as making precision three dimensional measurements. Finally, good hand-eye coordination is a must as you must be good with your hands.

How much does an Auto Body Repairman make?

Most employers of auto body repairers offer incentive pay to their workers. Under this system, a minimum weekly salary is usually guaranteed, but overall pay each week depends on the amount of work assigned to each individual and how fast it is completed. In 2006 the median wage for all employees in the auto body repair industry, including incentive pay, was $16.92 an hour. The middle fifty percent earned between $13.00 and $22.33 per hour.
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Who are some influential professionals in the field of Auto Body Repair?

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