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Handy Hands Professional Referrals Llc
(541) 858-5340
579 E Vilas Rd
Medford, OR

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Staffing For Success Inc
(414) 902-5200
1560 Biddle Rd SUITE Suite B
Medford, OR

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Hire Calling Staffing Solutions
(541) 779-2675
720 E Jackson St
Medford, OR

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(541) 773-5733
897 Royal Ave
Medford, OR

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Hire Calling Staffing Solutions - MASTER
(541) 273-6731
720 E. Jackson Street
Medford, OR

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A First Choice Staffing Services
(541) 776-7505
232 West 6th Street
Medford, OR

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Advantage Staffing, Inc
(541) 773-8888
1257 N. Riverside Riverside Ave.
Medford, OR
Main Industries / Positions
Admin & Clerical, Light Industrial

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Advantage Staffing Inc
(323) 634-9120
1257 N Riverside SUITE 8
Medford, OR

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Interface Fabrics Groups
715 Jackson Street
Medford, OR

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Monroe Associates
(541) 772-2977
2647 Freedom Way
Medford, OR

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How can I become an Auditor?

Most auditing jobs require at least a bachelor's degree, either in accounting or another related field. A master's degree can help with employment, as can obtaining certain certificates or licenses available. More colleges and universities are beginning to offer specialty programs to prepare students for specific types of auditing.

If an auditor candidate does not have a bachelor's or master's degree, he or she can often work in a temporary capacity with a junior college degree or a degree from a correspondence course. These auditors work in a beginning capacity and are strictly supervised by more experienced auditors, while receiving on the job training.

For those wishing to become auditors, previous experience in either the accounting or finance field can help. Part-time jobs during college and internships for school credit are often available for people trying to determine if auditing is the right choice for them.

What does an Auditor do?

An auditor is someone who has the professional responsibility of evaluating a business, a certain project, or an individual. Auditors are often in charge of monitoring or checking the truth of financial records or the amount of efficiency in a process. After auditors evaluate a company, records, or a project, they often make recommendations as to how the process or other aspect being evaluated can be changed and improved.

Auditors can work either as freelancers or as company employees. Auditors who work for a specific company are called internal auditors. These professionals are responsible for conducting audits on a periodic basis. Often, internal auditors focus on a different part of the company during each audit.

External auditors, on the other hand, are not employed for the company in which the audit is taking place. An external auditor may be a freelance professional or may be employed by a different firm, such as an accounting firm. The advantage of external auditors is that they are free of bias by not being a part of the company being audited.

What skills or personal qualities are needed to become an Auditor?

Auditors must have an excellent head for numbers and details in order to perform their job responsibilities. It is also advantageous if an auditor has extensive knowledge of auditing and accounting software. Computer literacy can also enable some auditors to work from remote locations. Experience in either auditing or accounting can help an auditor candidate find a job or advance in a current job.

Communication skills are also important for auditors, as they need to prepare reports and clearly communicate information to clients. In addition to communicating information about current conditions, auditors must be able to prepare and communicate recommendations for improvement. Because of the nature of their work, it is very important for auditors to be honest and trustworthy.

How much does an Auditor make?

The wa...

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