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Animation Career Euclid OH

Local resource for animation careers in Euclid. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to animation jobs, animation degree programs, and animation studios, as well as advice and content on where to look for a career in animation.

Michael Kosmetos & Associates
(216) 261-1950
333 Babbitt Rd
Euclid, OH

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Quality Plus
(216) 289-9191
26100 Brush Ave
Euclid, OH

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Medsource Staffing
(216) 289-9112
27801 Euclid Avenue
Euclid, OH

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Prosearch - Master
(440) 585-9099
29017 Chardon Rd Ste 220
Willoughby Hills, OH

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Horizon Personnel
(440) 585-0031
1516 Lincoln Rd
Wickliffe, OH

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Great Lakes Recruiting
(216) 486-7446
1997 E 228 St
Cleveland, OH

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Arcadia Services, Inc.
(216) 261-0594
27801 Euclid Ave
Cleveland, OH

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IXL Staffing Services
(440) 895-9660
19201 Villaview Road
Cleveland, OH

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Modern Employment
(440) 943-2635
30432 Euclid Ave
Wickliffe, OH

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Lincoln Tyler Management Services, LLC
(440) 516-3680
1520 Lincoln Rd
Wickliffe, OH
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long-term, part time, managed services, payroll

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How do I become an Animator?

Animators can work in many industries. Web sites, commercials, video games and films are the primary industries where animation is used. Web sites and advertisements also often use animation. Most of these are created with Adobe Flash. Character animation is used for realistic visual effects in live-action films, as well as in completely computer generated films. Animators can create 2D and 3D animation by hand or by using a computer. To become an animator in many of these fields, you need natural artistic talent, computer skills, a formal art education and an outstanding animation portfolio.

Choose the industry or type of animation you would like to create, and gear your education and portfolio toward that type of industry. Some animators receive a four-year undergraduate degree or a two-year masters degree, which can help you create a good portfolio, as well as provide opportunities for networking and displaying your work. Some animators create a portfolio without a formal education, and receive recognition by submitting their works to animation festivals. There are many colleges and universities all over the country that offer bachelors and masters degrees in fine arts. Some of these programs are focused on animation or computer arts. Schools of art and design offer more intensive and comprehensive art education, and usually offer more industry standard software and equipment, as well as having more instructors who are working in the animation industry.

When you get a job in the industry of your choice, you may need to start at the bottom rung, performing more technical or simpler jobs. You may need to work your way up for a time before you actually become an animator.

For film and video games, there are many more tasks than animation required. You might consider focusing your portfolio on modeling, texturing, special effects or lighting, if those aspects of film or game making interest you more than character animation.

Animators must be able to show evidence of their talent and skill. A portfolio, a collection of original work by the artist, or work they collaborated with others to make, is required by those hiring to evaluate the animator's ability and experience.

What does an Animator do?

Animators work primarily in the motion picture and video game industries and advertising. They can draw by hand or use computers to create the animation in movies, television and games.

Animators working in the video game and film industry may be involved in designing characters, moving characters in time with music or script requirements or using software such as Maya and Flash. Animators work as a team with directors, technical directors, lighters and other creative personnel working on the film or video game.

What skills or qualities do I need to become an Animator?

Animators need to have innate creative and artistic ability. Drawing skills are a must, as ...

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