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Advertising Sales Jobs Grandville MI

Local resource for advertising sales jobs in Grandville. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to advertising sales schools, advertising degree programs, marketing courses, and advertising job listings, as well as advice and content on marketing jobs.

(800) 334-6106
3980 Chicago Drive
Grandville, MI

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Select Resources
(800) 284-9040
2855 44th Street
Grandville, MI

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Compri Technical Svc Inc
(616) 534-8500
2905 Wilson Ave SW
Grandville, MI

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American Staffing
(616) 261-6161
3109 Prairie Street Southwest
Grandville, MI

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West Michigan Drive Away
(616) 475-0401
1905 Chicago Dr Sw
Wyoming, MI

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paradigm Execcutive Search
(616) 301-6320
3145 Prairie St Sw
Grand Rapids, MI

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Paradigm Executive Search
(269) 488-1700
3145 Prairie St SW
Grandville, MI

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(616) 532-7778
1878 28 St SW
Wyoming, MI

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Employment Professionals
(616) 538-0510
5316 Mulligan Dr SW
Wyoming, MI

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(616) 667-0507
7679 Riverview Dr
Jenison, MI

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Advertising Sales

How to become an Advertising Sales Person

A college degree in business or related field, though not required, is preferred by many employers who are looking to hire advertising sales representatives. Taking classes in communications, marketing, advertising, and business can be helpful for anyone wishing to enter the field of advertising. More than ever before, computer literacy is extremely helpful for anyone wishing to become an advertising sales representative, as so much advertising is done on the Internet.

Sales experience of any kind can help a potential sales representative get hired, although most advertising jobs provide on-the-job training for new representatives. Training can be either informal or formals, and usually is performed by sales managers or experienced sales representatives, and consists of observation and advice during client interactions. Less frequently, consultants are hired, usually for formal training sessions.

What does an Advertising Sales Person do?

Advertising sales representatives can have many different job duties, depending upon what setting they are working in. The main responsibility of advertising sales representatives is to sell advertising to clients. The specific media of the advertising can vary and includes print media, television, radio, and Internet advertising. An advertising sales representative can provide advertising in all media or specialize in a particular advertising medium.

To be effective, an advertising sales representative must do research on his or her prospective client, to find out what their needs and objectives are. Understanding the client's previous forms of advertising can also give an advertising sales representative a better idea of what exactly the client has tried and is looking for.

Of course, the advertising sales representative's main objective is to convince potential clients that the firm which he represents can meet the client's needs in a way that other advertising agencies do not. This is more effective if the advertising sales representative has knowledge about the other agencies, and can give specific examples of how his agency can help.

Advertising sales representatives can work in many different settings. Many advertising sales representatives work as freelancing professionals, acting as independent contractors from home or their own offices. Others work for specific advertising firms, and often receive a base salary and possibly a commission, while the firm receives the profits.

What Skills or Qualities does one need to get into Advertising Sales?

In order to be an effective advertising sales representative, a candidate must have a pleasant demeanor and friendly personality. Good communication is an essential qualification for a successful advertising sales representative, and is generally more important than any educational requirements. Both verbal and written communication skills can come in handy for sales represen...

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