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William Hampel, CPRW, SPHR
(904) 504-3245
PO Box 600128
Jacksonville, FL
North Florida Management Systems
(904) 272-3382
795 Blanding Blvd Ste C
Orange Park, FL
Atlantic Professional Employers Inc
(904) 278-1150
1409 Kingsley Ave Ste 1c
Orange Park, FL
Business Support Inc
(904) 264-1289
417 Stowe Ave Ste A
Orange Park, FL
Northeast Florida Safety Council Inc
(904) 264-8665
1515 Smith St
Orange Park, FL
H & R Block
(904) 282-9450
1075 Oakleaf Plantation Pkwy
Orange Park, FL
WorkSource Career Services
(904)213-3888 Ext. 2060
1845 Town Center Boulevard,Suite 150
Fleming Island, FL
Larry Blevins
(904) 264-2274
1536 Kingsley Ave Ste 116
Orange Park, FL
Medical Business Resources
(904) 278-0223
570 Golden Links Dr
Orange Park, FL
Business Management Resource II
(904) 278-0223
1532 Kingsley Ave
Orange Park, FL


How to become an Actor.

There are many different ways to become an actor. Formal training in drama is one way to start on the path to acting, but it is not necessary. At times, it can seem that making it as an actor is much more dependent on who you know and how lucky you are than your formal training or talent. For those aspiring actors who choose to pursue formal training, it can be found in university drama programs or dedicating acting schools or acting conservatories. These acting students can perform in high school and college level plays, learn different acting techniques, and even receive a Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in drama. Even those potential actors who do not major in drama in college or attend acing conservatories can take classes, either at the university level or in the community. Many classes are offered at a community level for children, youth, or adults, and sometimes in specialized areas of acting. When an actor is trying to get exposure and experience, he or she has many options. Rather than just walking onto Broadway, most actors spend some time in much smaller and less prestigious productions first, such as skits on cruise lines or at amusement parks, or working in summer stock. Commercials are a common way for television and film actors to begin their career.

What does an Actor do?

Actors perform in front of an audience, on stage, on film, on television, or on radio productions. Many actors specialize in one type of production, such as radio or film, although there are crossovers, most frequently between film and television and stage and film. To fully portray a character, an actor must understand the character's motivation and background, and many actors perform extensive research in order to do so. Many different methods of acting and schools of thought exist, and an actor may pick and choose to determine what is best for a particular role. It can be extremely difficult to find steady work as an actor, and many actors spend their entire careers in supporting roles and bit parts or working as extras. Teaching is another way for actors to earn a living if they are not able to do so acting. Because of this, many actors teach drama at the high school or college level, sometimes concurrently with their own acting. Voice actors or voice over actors are another type of actor. These actors can either perform narration or voice-overs for commercials or documentaries or lend their voices to cartoon and animated characters. Sometimes voice actors are quite famous from other work - Robin Williams is an example of a celebrated actor who does a lot of voice acting work - and other times, the voice actors are dedicated to being voice actors.

What skills or qualities do I need to get into Acting?

Actors must obviously have acting talent to be able to make a living by acting. They need creativity and versatility to be able to portray different sorts of characters. It can h...

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